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Why register today!

With over 241,000 notaries in California alone, NotaryFinder.com strives to be the ultimate resource and directory to promote your notary services and help the community at large in accessing accurate contact information for notaries nationwide.

NotaryFinder.com was established initially with the primary objective to promote the active notary members of American Notary Group in California. Due to the demand from non-member notaries to be added, now, notaries in the nation can add their notary listings to NotaryFinder.com. The cost is a very minimal, a $35.00 per year, per listing for non-members, however, for members the listing is added for free with membership.

Your notary listing with NotaryFinder.com guarantees results, you will be contacted by clients, lenders and promoters directly. We are at the American Notary Group / NotaryFinder.com believe this is a major step to promote the notary population in the nation. It will assist the general public in finding your services easily; and promote your notary services at a minimal cost.

Our notary listing annual fee is very discounted, a $35.00 a year, with a $25.00 per year for any additional listing. Member's listing is added for free. In order for us to make this NotaryFinder.com the ultimate destination for your clients, we need your patronage and support in adding your listing to NotaryFinder.com.

NotaryFinder.com registration is simple, we require only that you maintain your commission current and in good standing with your State's office of the Secretary of State - Notary Section. Your notary listing will be added within seven days of your submission. Interested parties visiting the website can browse and find your notary services as provided.

Here you are given the opportunity to promote yourself and business at a very minimal cost with great beneficial reward. Give the chance to your prospective clients to benefit from your notary services.

NotaryFinder.com realizes that your privacy is important and precious, therefore, only the information that you choose to disclose while registering will be made public.

Please remember as an American Notary Public, NotaryFinder.com is your directory! Click here to register now. Contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

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Attention Notaries: You don't have to become a member to add your listing. But, you have to e-mail us, or mail us a copy of your current notary commission to American Notary Group: P. O. Box 806 / Glendale, CA 91209-0806.

Thank you for your patronage. Please visit us again!

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